Trust Fintech Limited, offers various Digital Channels Integration services, to bring together different sub-systems/applications under one System.

Across industries, various customer services offered are interconnected logically in business operations. But technologically those are disconnected due to disparate stand-alone systems offered by different OEMs, different platforms. This results into inefficiency, inaccuracies, work duplicity, revenue leakages, reduced profitability, and customer dissatisfaction for the organizations

To overcome these problems, we provide seamless integration services to integrate IT Systems serving various functions, departments or organizations AND even integrate multiple organizations on uniform integration platform.

We have successfully delivered Integrations with Multiple 3rd Party Digital Channels with various Legacy Systems viz. Core Banking, ERP Systems, Business applications. It includes Interfaces to various Digital Channels viz.:

Digital Channels Interface:

NACH: National Automated Clearing House

NACH Solution acts as a bridge between the Bank and NPCI for making high volume, low value Debit/Credit NACH mandates that are recurring in nature..


APBS: Aadhar Payment Bridge

APBS System facilitates Bank to transfer subsidies and benefits from the different Government Departments and Agencies to the Aadhaar Enabled Bank Accounts of the intended beneficiaries..


AEPS: Aadhar Enabled Payment System

AEPS System helps Bank's account holder to access their AADHAR linked bank account as well as perform basic banking transactions that are intra-bank or inter-bank in nature through a business correspondent. It would enable banks to route the AADHAAR -initiated interbank transactions through a central switching and clearing agency.


RTGS/NEFT: Online Wire Transfers thro’ Sponsor Banks

RTGS / NEFT Systems allows Bank and Account holders to initiate direct one-to-one payment anywhere across the country to the beneficiary


Rupay: ATM, POS, E-Com Transactions

We provides interface connects to perform payment transactions through different delivery & payment channels including ATMs, Kiosk, POS, E-Com


IMPS: Immediate Payment Service

IMPS Solution facilitates instant 24x7 money transfer via the mobile devices using their Bank's account. This way, banks who are not authorized to provide mobile banking services can also be a part of the same.


CIBIL: Credit Bureau for Credit Rating Information

Unified Payment Interface helps to do real-time payment transfer. It is designed to enable peer-to-peer inter-bank transfers through a single two-click factor authentication process.


CTS: Cheque Truncation System & CTS Scanners

CTS Solution is a image-based Cheque Clearing System which is more efficient and faster Cheque Clearing Process. It follows grid-based Cheque Truncation System, which helps Cheque Clearing Process to improve process time and operational efficiency.


KYC:Interface with KYC verification channels like E-KYC, C-KYC, V-KYC

E-KYC Solution helps to expedite the KYC process for onboarding and account opening, and makes process entirely paperless for Banks. With the help of solution, Bank can get as a result demographic details and photographs as available from UIDAI.


PFMS: Public Finance Management System (PFMS) Interface

PFMS - CBS Interface facilitates online validation of beneficiaries and agencies bank account details and generates response file to upload with PFMS


Social Insurance Schemes: Pradhanmatri Social Schemes viz. PMJJY, PMSBY, APY

Solution provides interfacing with insurance company and CBS to register and track Pradhanmatri Social Schemes viz. PMJJY, PMSBY, APY

Social Insurance Schemes: Pradhanmatri Social Schemes viz. PMJJY, PMSBY, APY

Payment Gateways: Online Payments across different platforms viz. RuPay, Visa, Mastercard

Solution helps to interface CBS with multiple payment gateways to enable online payment option through different platforms available like RuPay, Visa, Mastercard etc.

Payment Gateways

Swift: Online International Remittances

Solution offers interfacing of SWIFT environment with CBS SYSTEM to automate the business process of handling SWIFT payments with SWIFT messaging.

Swift: Online International Remittances